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My name is Lucas, and this is ….

Our story

Back to Jan 2016, I and my wife, we were a just married couple, a couple of two 2 people love travelling and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing. Because of this reason, We always looking for better, quality, reasonable price travel gears.

While searching and buying online, we found some sources and suppliers who can support us travel gear with small quantity orders, but their quality and designs were great.

It turned to be a question: “Why don’t we share this to other people who have the same needs?”. But it was a question only because we still have a full-time job and busy with our son.

At the begining of 2019, the idea of having our own business where we can share the acceptable, afforable travel gears has come back to us. Our son is now 2 years old, therefore we have more free time.

So me and my wife decided to start the journey to make idea become reallity. So it’s the reason why alley89.com come out.

Why Alley89 ?

It’s a little bit hard for us when we define the categories, what we want to sell, what we want to focus. Unlike giants ecommerce websites, or the retailer, which have many categories and thousands of products, our range is smaller.  We just want to focus on small cute, unique and functions items which helpful for you when travelling. In addition, we also want to sharing information in our website.

So the first word came out of our mind was Alley, just like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Diagon Alley is the place where you can buy magic items like owl,magic wands, fun items like magic candies… or having some round of beer in witches bar ….

The next goes with Alley should be 89, because we were born in 1989.

So you can consider this website is No#89 Alley where you can buy stuffs, gear up before travelling, or just pass by, having some fun with our sharing !

Again, thanks for your time reading this whole story! Having a nice day!

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